The Molecular Foundry


The Molecular Foundry is a Dept. of Energy User Facility charged with providing support to nanoscience researchers in academic, government and industrial laboratories around the world.  The Foundry provides users with instruments, techniques and collaborators to enhance their studies of the synthesis, characterization and theory of nanoscale materials.  Its seven facilities focus on both “soft” (biological and polymeric) and “hard” (inorganic and fabricated) nanostructured building blocks, and their integration into complex functional assemblies.  Users are invited to submit proposals requesting free access to Foundry instruments, techniques, and skilled staff.


The Biological Nanostructures Facility

The Biological Nanostructures Facility is focusing on 3 areas of nanobiology:

  1.   Analysis of biological systems using fluorescent nanocrystal probes for imaging.

  2.   Synthesis and organization of biological components using re-engineered microbes.

  3.   Mimicry of protein architecture using bio-inspired polymers.

Of particular interest to peptoid researchers:

At the Foundry, we are well equipped to study the chemistry, biology and materials science aspects of peptoids.  We have a variety of automated solid-phase synthesis equipment for the synthesis of individual peptoids as well as combinatorial peptoid libraries.  This includes an AAPPTEC multiple peptide synthesizer, a CEM Liberty microwave synthesizer, a Protein Technologies Prelude synthesizer, two custom-built combinatorial synthesizers and a single-bead arrayer.  We have analytical and prep HPLC systems available for analysis and purification, as well as a MALDI TOF mass spectrometer and an ion-trap electrospray HPLC/MS for peptoid sequencing.  We also have a Beckman liquid handling robot equipped with absorbance and fluorescence plate readers for high-throughput screening of compounds.  Additional equipment for characterization include a dynamic light scattering instrument, a circular dichroism spectrophotometer and a fluorimeter.  Also available are facilities for molecular biology, cell culture, and bio-imaging.  For a complete list click here.

Because we are a User facility, these facilities are open to use by any visiting scientists who would like to visit the labs.  Access is granted after review of a very brief and simple proposal.  We would love to work with you.  For more info on this program, please do not hesitate to contact us!